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We are an American Apparel Brand, dedicated to sharing the word of GOD and standing up for Judeo-Christian Values. We boldly display our beliefs through our many faith filled Christian & Patriotic shirt designs. We look to engage in conversations that most shy away from but are necessary to have for us to truly connect.
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Our brand aims to challenge the massively misaligned lifestyles promoted by big corporations that are completely out of sync with real American values. On our store, you’ll find a diversified lineup of apparel, each carrying a powerful message that empowers you to voice your opinion without hesitation and campaigns to get God back into the focus of this country.
Proudly wear your STANDUP NOW apparel and let them know they’re going to lose on this immoral game of chess. The executives at these corporations must live in some kind of bubble. They don’t know nor respect average Americans like us. Let’s show them how much we care about the future of America. It is time we turn the tide on these godless conglomerates, stand up and show support by proudly wearing one of our shirts. Let’s show them the POWER OF THE PEOPLE–

A part of all proceeds go to charitable organizations working to help those in need and support groups that are attacking this fight head on.


As a father of two young girls, I see how impressionable they are and how much children grab on to everything they are exposed to. Living in Florida we have been blessed enough to take our children on multiple vacations to “The Most Magical Place on Earth” aka Disney World. We had a family trip planned for my youngest daughter’s birthday wish. On March 30th, just a few days before we are set to leave, Disney REALLY became WOKE and made a statement that they will be challenging the Florida HB 1557 (Parental Rights Bill) along with stating they will not be calling boys-boys and girls-girls within the park.

As a conservative and man of principle, I was ready to cancel the trip and do something else. But as a loving father, I knew I couldn’t explain this to my 4-year-old (nor should she be exposed to this at her age). So my mind went to work. I was more than annoyed, I was appalled that Disney, a company that WE THE PEOPLE had supported all these years. A company that was built for sharing stories of “Happily Ever After” and giving many–no matter what your background/scenario your life had put you through–a vision and hope that a beautiful life awaits for you if you only imagine it and believe it!

I said to myself if Walt Disney were alive today would this be happening? With that thought the inspiration for this shirt came – “Where’s Walt”. I quickly jumped online and designed this shirt. As I went to get it printed, I got a message from the online shirt company (Rush Order Tees) that they were not going to print the shirt. This only added fuel to my fire as I saw that people were either scared to speak out against companies that supported this or they were in favor of these views.

That’s when I knew someone had to get up and take charge. Looking at the astonishingly light speed at which this woke culture is pervading society, if I had waited any longer, it would be too late. So, I decided to do it myself and let my voice be heard. As we know God always gives us everything we need. Thankfully all it took was one phone call to a personal contact and the shirts were at my doorstep just in time for the trip. My light was about to shine, and shine it did!!! (Matthew 5:16).

When I wore this shirt to Magic Kingdom, I honestly had no idea what the reaction would be. Would I be asked to leave the park or remove the shirt? Would people even take notice? After all I am just another guy with a shirt on. Man was I ever in for a surprise! 

The response and feedback, was truly amazing. I can't count how many times I was stopped and praised for the shirt (by guests and yes; even employees) or asked to have my picture taken or questioned where I bought it from. The biggest praise and truly inspiring moment for me came at the end of the first night. After being there all day, as we were leaving on the ferry boat an older gentleman tapped me on my shoulder. I looked over and he had his hand out stretched. When we firmly shook hands he looked me in the eyes and said I had to come and thank you for being brave enough to wear that shirt. It is needed so much today. As I agreed I noticed he was wearing a USMC hat. I immediately asked if he served and thanked him for doing so. His response was "No Thank You." As he turned and limped away he went and sat back in his wheelchair. I looked at my wife and I knew right then What I had to do. The fight today isn't overseas. It is right here on our soil and if we do not STANDUP NOW for what is right we are doing ourselves and our children a huge disservice. The rest of the week on vacation I continued to wear the shirt and the feedback was nothing short of inspiring.