Patriotic Clothing

Patriotic clothing apparel typically features designs and symbols that represent national pride and support for one’s country. Here are some key things to know about patriotic clothing apparel:

  1. Design Elements: Patriotic clothing apparel often features symbols such as flags, eagles, stars and stripes, and other patriotic designs. These designs can be printed or embroidered onto clothing such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and jackets. Since we are a newer patriotic apparel company launching in the spring of 2022, we currently only offer patriotic t-shirts & crop tops for ladies. However we do offer patriotic women’s v-neck shirts and plan to add more styles in the future. We do have a great collection of patriotic & conservative hats to choose from.
  2. Occasions: Patriotic clothing apparel is often worn on holidays and events such as Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day, as well as during political rallies and events.
  3. Customization: Many companies offer customizable patriotic clothing apparel, allowing customers to add their own designs or messages to the clothing.Since all of our shirts are done with a high quality screen printing process, we currently do not offer customization at this time. But each patriotic shirt is designed to the highest quality offering the boldest of statements that need to be shared all across America and beyond, for all to see
  4. Materials: Patriotic clothing apparel is typically made from materials such as cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two. Some clothing may also feature moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties, making them suitable for outdoor activities. All of our patriotic apparel is printed on shirts made of a blend of Polyester & cotton, offering the highest quality with a soft touch that makes each shirt comfortable to wear proudly.
  5. Availability: Patriotic clothing apparel can be found at many retailers, including specialty stores and online retailers. Some clothing companies may also donate a portion of their profits to organizations that support veterans and military families. At Stand Up Now Apparel, We tithe 10% of our proceeds to Wounded Veterans Relief Fund. They are a local non-profit that helps Military Veterans with financial assistance & dental care. Something that helps many veterans.


Overall, patriotic clothing apparel can be a way to show support and pride for America. We must all STAND UP NOW for GOD & COUNTRY. America is built on the belief that we are ONE NATION under GOD and we must BRING BACK GOD to the center of our nation if we plan to survive and be a STRONG nation. When choosing patriotic clothing, it’s important to consider the occasion, materials, and design elements to ensure that the clothing is appropriate and fits well.

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    1. All of our Apparel, is Designed, Printed & Shipped right from Florida. Currently all the blank garnets are purchased through a local USA based distribution company that has the product made in Nicaragua.

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